Wrong number from a recovery agent

I have setup my office landline calls to be diverted to my mobile if I don’t answer for a while.
The forwarded calls show the originating number as the office board line.

Got such a call this morning – a credit card dues collector who called the wrong number and still was proud!

Caller: Am I talking to X (someone elses name>?
Me: No this is Y (my name)
Caller: I am calling from HDFC Bank, you have a payment due. Are you planning to pay at one of our ATMs or should I send someone?
Me: I have no unpaid dues, I have paid my bill (while logging on to their website to make sure)
Caller: You have 4 thousand something due
Me: Wait, you are looking for X? I am not X
Caller: You bloody….when I asked you, why did you say yes?
Me: I told you I’m not X you ignored it and conti…<interrupted>
Caller (now shouting): You give the phone to X, you don’t even know how to respond to the phone
Me: Since you called on my cellphone directly, I assumed you are just mistaking my name.
Caller: I will come and slap you there, you bloody give the phone to X
Me (angry tone): Boss, firstly you have dialed the wrong number, how dare you shout at me?
Caller: I know X is there, you give the phone to him! Is this not 4xxx-xxxx (not my number)?
Me: No
Caller: What number is this, you don’t even know how to answer the phone
Me: I don’t need to tell you what number this is, it’s not the one you want and you are the one who is manner-less
Caller hangs up.

This kind of behavior is so unwarranted! The caller should have hung up once he realised he had the wrong number. Why waste time and energy abusing the wrong person – why abuse at all? I have not hidden the name of the bank on purpose.

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One thought on “Wrong number from a recovery agent

  1. Santosh says:

    I’ve faced a similar scenario. I had my board exams coming up and I used to wake up early to study. One such day, a person speaking in Hindi calls me up and starts to shout right away, without even asking who’s speaking. I had no idea what he was speaking, given the fact that I don’t follow Hindi at all. I cut the call. He calls back and starts shouting again. I sort of made out that he was asking for his money. Politely told him I’m a student and I don’t owe anybody money. He doesn’t understand. His wife (I suppose) picks up the other line and starts speaking in Kannada. By now all the members of my family had come up to my room (I was shouting!). Turns out the guy who previously owned my number had owed these people a lot of money. (I guess he had even bought a car and given this number to the CC. I keep getting ‘service due’ reminders from Hyundai.)

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