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Bangalore Cops Recovered My Lost Cellphone!

Yes! That’s true – sounds like a miracle – who would have thought the cops, with bigger thieves to nab, would go after a simple cellphone.

Summary: Dropped the phone in my car when the mechanic came to take it for repair, one of his boys found and kept it. I filed a police complaint, they traced it using the IMEI number about 3 weeks later.

The super long story – read at your own risk – don’t blame me for it being long 😛

A bit of history – How I lost the phone

So it’s a year old Nokia 6233. I had called my mechanic to come start my car (it was refusing to crank even!). He came in the evening around 7.45pm on 19th April 2009. I was wearing a tee and pajamas. Put the car keys in one pocket, the mobile in the other.

My wife asked me, “Why do you need the phone, you are just going downstairs”.

Me, “Yeah, um, I don’t know…just like that”

She made a face; I went down to where the mechanic was waiting near the car.

We spent some time trying to start it up, I sat in the driver’s seat to crank it, got up, sat again, etc. <— this was perhaps when the phone popped out of the loose pocket onto the car seat or between the seat and the door.

The car finally started with a spare battery the mechanic had brought along, and they took it away for other repairs around 8pm.

My brother-in-law called on our land line from Canada at around 10.30pm and asked why we were not answering the mobile, we ignored it saying we did not get any call. Still blissfully unaware its missing!

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